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Financial Planning Made Simple

How to easily identify the customer's needs and close the sale within 30 mins




1 day


About the Course

Top financial consultants find that the most effective approach in financial planning is the consultative approach. Rather than communicating with customers in the capacity of a "salesperson," top financial consultants serve as consultants; helping their customers maximize their savings, manage risk and ultimately achieve their financial objectives.

The purpose of this program is to explain the consultative approach by reviewing the key methodologies and strategies, the steps of the consultative process, and how it addresses and connects with the emotional needs of all customers.


  1. Able to establish trust and connect with the customer easily

  2. Able to identify the hot buttons of the customer easily

  3. Able to elicit the emotions of the customer and understand their financial concerns

  4. Able to remove the customer’s number one fear that stops him or her from saying “YES”.

  5. Able to translate features into customer’s benefits or solutions

  6. Able to sell results or solutions, rather than products or service

  7. Able to find measurable ways to increase profitability for your clients

  1. Financial Services Consultants

  2. Insurance Agents

  3. Insurance Brokers

  4. Anyone Selling Insurance or Financial Services

Target Audience

Learning Methodology

  1. Presentation/Lecture

  2. Group Discussion

  3. Online Learning

  4. Brainstorm Sessions

  5. Application Exercises

  6. Action Commitment


Chong Soon Onn

Chong Soon Onn

Soon Onn is recognized as one of the foremost experts in insurance and investment planning in Asia. He has more than 3 decades of award-winning experience in the insurance & financial services industry and has received most of the industry's top awards.

He is also highly sought after as a speaker, trainer and curriculum design specialist and has been consulted by numerous banks, insurance companies and financial institutions throughout Asia.

He has coached hundreds of agency leaders to build their own million-dollar agencies and has trained tens of thousands of agents in the area of sales, motivation and leadership. Many of them have gone on to achieve Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) as well as Court of the Table (COT).

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