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Email Marketing Consultancy

Setup Your Email Marketing System and Watch Your Business Soar

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is indisputably the most effective method of marketing and customer acquisition. When done correctly, email provides you with maximum return on your investment and marketing ROI.


With Kash Academy as your email marketing agency, you are assured of results. We have trained, coached and consulted with thousands of small medium enterprises and have executed all kinds of email marketing campaigns,  e-newsletters, business promotions etc.

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Applications of Email Marketing

Send birthdays and festive  greetings 

Provide customers with  tips and ideas  on the use of your product or service

Upsell and cross  sell  other products and services

 Inform  customers about sales, offers or promotions

 Remind  customers about appointments and events

Keep in touch with customers and prospects for top of mind  recall 

 Collaborate  with other businesses to cross sell each other’s products

Outcome of Email Marketing

Establish goodwill and trust

Build authority in your industry

Increase customer loyalty and lifetime value

Increase sales and revenue

Provide better customer experience

Boost brand awareness

Generate additional revenue

*All these can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of other marketing methods

The Power of Email Marketing