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HRMS & Accounting Software

Made for Business Owners & Professionals

Enter a world of effective payroll submissions and accurate invoice tracking, all made for business owners & professionals with our HRMS software.


Complete HR & Accounting Software. For All Professionals.


Info-Tech is offering you a one-stop solution for all your HR & Accounting needs. Our HR & Accounting Software can level up your business by completing processes productively.

A seamless HR & Accounting software that combines all that you can ask for to quicken business processes. It is more than meets the eye with Info-Tech's software - completely automating your operations.

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Boost Business Growth with PSG - Productivity Solutions Grant


PSG - Productivity Solutions Grant is a government funding for SME that aims to help businesses enhance their processes with technology. Info-Tech Cloud HR Software is a Pre-Approved Digital Solution by IMDA qualified for PSG grant.

With up to 70% government funding, local businesses can leverage on the PSG - Productivity Solutions Grant to purchase IT solutions and equipment to improve productivity and enhance their business processes.


Human Resource Management System (HRMS System)


Pre-approved Digital Solution under IMDA


Claim up to
70% PSG Grant

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