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Our Services

About Us

NSiG is established to cater to the growing demand for new-generation integrated professional security and building management system. With the heightened threat of terrorism and increasing cost of the workforce, transforming the security and building management industry through digital technology is essential. Digital technology improves business productivity and growth as well as helps businesses adopt manpower-lean security practices.


NSiG provides holistic and scalable technologies towards an effective yet cost-saving system for managing and meeting security and facilities management demands of stakeholders of a premise. We and our strategic partners have identified this niche and are driven with the same passion to set up an innovative security, facilities, and response management system.



Transforming security and facilities management systems with innovative and cutting-edge digital technologies for all types of premises globally.​


Working with strategic partners of the same passion to achieve and attain a highly effective and productive platform.


Listen to our customers to implement an operative and successful security, facilities and response management system.


Advanced Technologies

NSIG HOME+ integrates with advanced technology to streamline premise management from access system and visitor management to digital payment and security alerts.