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I have been training agency leaders across Asia for the last 20 years and understand your plate is overloaded with recruiting, managing and coaching responsibilities.

With such a busy schedule, I completely understand if you won’t have much time to spare for books. As such, I compiled my years of experience in email marketing into clear and precise pointers so that you can apply them readily in your agency-building efforts. Reading time for the book is approximately 15 mins.

With the advent of social media and digital marketing technologies, businesses of all sizes are now scrambling to evolve their marketing strategies and plans. It is inevitable that those who can’t keep up will be left floundering.

Many of the agency leaders who attended my program on email marketing have benefitted from it tremendously and have experienced significant growth in their agencies. They are now able to perform much of their agency's activities in minutes instead of months; and with a lot less cost and mistakes.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about using email marketing for growing your agency. Alternatively, you can also visit to find out more.

Before I let you go, I thought it might be useful to share a testimony from one of my top students.

Testimonial from Calvin Lee
Digital Agency Leader of the Year 2019, Asia

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(Click image to view video presentation of the award)

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I heard about Soon Onn and his work from fellow Directors at AXA. When I met him at an industry event, I was excited about his sharing on his system pertaining to Email Automation.

Currently, our agency is using his system for email automation and marketing. It helps us to get more sales prospects for our group seminars, followed up regularly and automatically with existing clients on festive greetings and annul reviews, and ultimately increases the volume of our business.

On top of other systems and processes we have, the work done on email automation is definitely a consideration when I won the Digital Agency Leader of the Year Award. It helps us to be more efficient and productive, using such email automation technology.

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