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Chong Soon Onn

Author, Consultant & Trainer

Founder Kash Academy

Soon Onn has earned widespread recognition as a leading authority in the realms of sales and training within the Asian region. With a remarkable track record spanning over three decades in the financial services sector, he boasts a collection of prestigious industry accolades.

Furthermore, Soon Onn is in high demand as a speaker, trainer, and specialist in curriculum design. Countless multinational corporations, banks, and financial institutions across Asia have sought his expertise.

His extensive experience extends to mentoring numerous business leaders in enhancing their competencies and equipping tens of thousands of business professionals with skills in sales, digital marketing, motivation, and leadership. A notable number of these individuals have subsequently achieved top honors in their respective fields.

Awards Won

  1. Million Dollar Round Table x 4 times

  2. Court of the Table

  3. Star Club Award - Double Qualifier

  4. Distinguished Toastmaster Award

  5. Special Award for Outstanding Performance - Management

  6. National Achiever's Congress - Outstanding Achievement Award

Corporate Positions
Great Eastern Life Logo.png
Great Eastern Life
Vice President of Learning & Development

Responsible for Sales, Motivation & Leadership programs across Asia

  • Hd of Leadership Development

  • Hd of Agency Professionalism Task Force

  • Developed Selling Skills Training program

  • Developed Psychology of Champion program

UOB Logo.png
United Overseas Bank
Vice President (Regional)

Responsible for Bancassurance Training in Singapore and China

  • Developed training curriculum for personal bankers.

  • Designed a selling process program for personal bankers

  • Developed training curriculum for Bancassurance Managers

  • Set up the training department in UOB Shanghai, China

Great Eastern Life Logo.png
Great Eastern Life
Vice President of Agency

Manage and Supervise 50 agencies

  • Hd of RP/ILP Sales Task Force

  • Organizing Chairman for Great Eastern 1st Strategic Leadership Retreat

  • Head of Associate Manager Development Program

  • Organizing Chairman for 1st Great Eastern Recruitment Seminar

Manulife Asia
Hd of Regional Training

Responsible for Agency Training across Asia

  • Oversee the training and development needs of agents and agency leaders in 10 countries in Asia

  • Partner with Agency leaders, L&D colleagues and Corporate Partners to identify and drive a comprehensive learning strategy for the business teams across Asia

  • Drive Agency Leader effectiveness strategy across Asia

  • Developed eLearning and Learning Management System (LMS) for agency training

Linda Chua

Linda Chua
Director, Financial Services
Linda Chua & Associates
Hp: 96377022
Off: 64175117
Representing Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

Soon Onn,

Thank you very much for sharing such a wonderful email prospecting programme with us.

The software has enabled us to do customized, niche segments of marketing.  We are able to separate out from our data-base according to the type of marketing strategies we want to apply.  For example, targeting all ladies for EPCC and Ladies products, HR officers for B@W, or reaching out to clients to inform them about anything in the pipeline.

I, particularly, like the throttle message feature, as it allow us to time and send messages by batches and only at the clicked of the mouse.

As life planners, this programme is a must know as one of the prospecting tool for our business.

I recommend that everyone should learn how to use this software the soonest possible.

Joann Choo.jpg
Joann Choo Sze Har

Manager (Financial Services)
Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd
Hp : 9795 2017
Fax: 63457312

Hi Soon Onn,

Thank you so much for your time in having the session with us. It was indeed an 'eye-opener' for me in how efficient and interesting this program is. I have not started using it as I am still trying my best to compile my 'master e-mail list', however I am sure this program will be extremely beneficial.


I will definitely recommend this interesting program to my other colleagues.


Jamie Goh

吴家敏 (R008882C)
Sales Director
SRI5000 Elite Group of SLP Realty (L3009793I)

Dear Mr Chong,

Thank you very much for providing me a solution. This software has been excellent in assisting me to maintain an ongoing relationship with my clientele as well as my network of other agents. I see no reason why anybody will not be benefited by it!

Thank you once again!

Warmest Regards

Samantha Lim

Master Financial Consultant
Wealth Manager
Prudential Assurance

Hi Soon Onn 

Thanks for a great session on Email Prospecting. It was very useful and I was surprised at the speed of response from my prospects. A simple mailer sent to a group of 22 secured the first deal in 30 mins! Wow.

Derren Lim

Financial Service Consultant

Dear Soon Onn,

I am writing to you to thank you for sharing this wonderful program with me and other fellow agents.

Actually no words can describe the excitement and joy I felt after coming across this powerful marketing tool and now, I can hardly do without it.

My career took off to a another level easily without me going through the hassle to reach out to more people. Now, I reached out to almost 500 people I know every week and they appreciate the information and my presence although I am not REALLY with them.

To reach out to people about new product launches, birthday wishes, industry news and even entertainment / sports news has never been easier.

My business had about 20% increase of sales every month since I started using Email Prospecting For Success. And most importantly, I now have more free time for my families and friends and the awkward feeling of having to bring out sales during such sessions have disappeared. In fact, they now initiated me to share with them more about the stuff that I have emailed to them.

In conclusion, I believe this will help a lot of people even those that are not in this industry.

Thank you again, Mr Chong.


Brigid Cheong.jpg
Brigid Cheong

Linda Chua & Associates
PA to Linda Chua
Tel : 6417 5595
Fax: 6417 5709

Hi Mr Chong,

It was great attending your email prospecting session, thanks for taking the time in sharing about the knowledge of the marketing tools I found it to be helpful in emailing to life planners and advertising services to clients.

With the new throttle message featured, It is more time efficient and less hassles in retrieving clients databases .

As a personal administrator, it is useful to send important emails to all life planners massively, in a shortest time.

Also, it saved time in informing them of recruitment and organising seminars.

Thanks with Warmest Regards,

David Chua

IPP Financial Adviser Pte Ltd
Financial Adviser Representative

I would normally send emails of the same content to my clients individually so that they are more personalised rather than to address them as 'Dear Customer/Client' etc. This would sometimes take up to days to send emails to about 200-300 clients.

I learnt from Soon Onn to 'Mass Email' my clients and am able to save immense time at the press of a button. Yet they think that I have emailed them personally which is exactly  the objective I want to achieve.

Customer response rate has been good ie about 10% and I find this method of emailing to be both time-saving and effective to reaching to a wider base of customers than I would otherwise be able to manually.

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