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Recruiting Strategies for Fast Growth

Accelerating Talent Acquisition: Scale Your Agency in Double Quick Time


Are you struggling to recruit top-performing advisers who can take your agency to new heights? Do you find it challenging to attract a steady stream of high-quality candidates for interviews?

If these recruitment challenges resonate with you, then our comprehensive training program is tailor-made for your needs. Mastering the art of recruiting peak-performing advisers holds the key to propelling your career as an agency leader like no other skill can.

Recruiting exceptional talent calls for a perfect blend of creativity and diligence. While social media has made it easier to reach a broader audience with job postings, the real game-changer lies in standing out from your competitors and other career opportunities, while forging meaningful connections with qualified candidates and igniting their enthusiasm for the role and your agency.

Duration: 1 day

Minimum Class Size: 8 pax

In our immersive workshop, you will gain invaluable insights into a multitude of strategies that will empower you to effectively search, locate, and ultimately recruit peak-performing advisers. From harnessing the power of both offline and online sources to uncovering hidden talent pools, we'll equip you with the tools and techniques you need to build a winning recruitment strategy.

Join us for this transformative program and emerge as a master recruiter, equipped with the skills and strategies to attract and recruit the industry's best advisers. Get ready to revolutionize your recruitment efforts and propel your agency to unrivaled success.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of successful adviser recruitment.

Note: This program can be customized to address the specific needs and challenges of your agency.


What You Will Learn

Module 1: Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities of Fast Growth Recruitment
In this module, participants gain a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by organizations experiencing fast growth. They explore the impact of rapid expansion on the recruitment process and learn to identify opportunities for attracting top talent. Key topics covered include anticipating talent needs, aligning recruitment with business goals, and staying ahead of the competition.

Module 2: Building a Strong Employer Brand for Fast Growth Recruitment
This module focuses on enhancing the organization's employer brand to attract high-quality candidates. Participants learn strategies to effectively communicate the organization's values, culture, and growth opportunities. They explore techniques for crafting compelling job postings, optimizing career websites, and leveraging social media to engage with potential candidates.


Module 3: Sourcing Strategies for Fast Growth Recruitment
Participants delve into various sourcing strategies tailored for fast-growth recruitment. They discover effective methods for leveraging online platforms, networking, employee referrals, and strategic partnerships. This module also covers techniques for creating talent pipelines and engaging passive candidates, ensuring a continuous flow of qualified applicants.


Module 4: Streamlining the Selection Process for Efficiency and Effectiveness
This module focuses on optimizing the selection process to identify the right talent swiftly. Participants learn strategies for screening resumes efficiently, conducting effective interviews, and utilizing assessment tools that align with the organization's growth objectives. They also explore techniques for assessing the cultural fit and potential for growth in candidates.


Module 5: Designing Comprehensive Onboarding Programs for Fast Growth Success
In this module, participants explore the importance of a seamless onboarding process in retaining top talent and maximizing their potential. They learn to develop comprehensive onboarding programs that accelerate new hires' integration, promote early productivity, and foster long-term engagement. Key topics covered include pre-boarding strategies, mentorship programs, and feedback mechanisms.


Module 6: Navigating the Legal and Compliance Landscape in Fast Growth Recruitment
Participants gain an understanding of the legal and compliance considerations specific to fast-growth recruitment. This module covers topics such as equal employment opportunity laws, data privacy regulations, and best practices for maintaining fair and inclusive recruitment processes. Participants learn to navigate potential legal pitfalls and ensure compliance throughout the recruitment journey.

Module 7: Adapting Recruitment Strategies for Sustainable Growth
In the final module, participants discover strategies for adapting recruitment practices to sustain growth in the long term. They explore the importance of ongoing talent acquisition strategies, including employer branding maintenance, talent pipeline management, and continuous process improvement. Participants learn to develop an agile recruitment approach that evolves with the organization's changing needs.


Target Audience

  1. Insurance Agency Leaders

  2. Financial Services Managers and Directors

  3. Insurance Brokers

  4. Anyone Leading/Managing a team of Financial Services Consultants

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Chong Soon Onn 9.jpg

Chong Soon Onn

Author, Consultant & Trainer

Soon Onn has earned widespread recognition as a leading authority in the realms of sales and training within the Asian region. With a remarkable track record spanning over three decades in the financial services sector, he boasts a collection of prestigious industry accolades.

Furthermore, Soon Onn is in high demand as a speaker, trainer, and specialist in curriculum design. Countless multinational corporations, banks, and financial institutions across Asia have sought his expertise.

His extensive experience extends to mentoring numerous business leaders in enhancing their companies and equipping tens of thousands of business professionals with skills in sales, digital marketing, motivation, and leadership. A notable number of these individuals have subsequently achieved top honors in their respective fields.

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