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User Experience Agency

Drive Demand.
Increase Revenue.
Unlock Growth.

Alnico is an award-winning customer and user experience agency with expertise in strategy, design, marketing, and technology to deliver profitable customer experiences for brands.


How We Help Clients Grow

We help clients drive demand and increase revenue through three primary objectives:

  • Acquire Customers:

    Reduce a strong reliance on referrals by establishing your brand, improving your customer acquisition strategy, and creating a consistent flow of new customers.

  • Offer Value:

    Quit relying on sales and discounts to drive sales. Offer value beyond a low price point and create loyal, repeat customers for a lifetime.

  • Stand Out from Competition:

    Beat out your competitors by becoming the obvious choice within your industry. Differentiate your value proposition and deliver it consistently.


Our User Experience Services

We listen to our clients’ pain points and seek to understand before offering solutions. When it is time to resolve problems, we pull from a number of different user and customer experience services:

01 Digitalization.png


Move into the digital age and shift your business model to provide new revenue and fresh value through digital technologies.

05 Process Design.png

Process Redesign

Streamline customers’ experiences and delight them through seamless, enjoyable experiences at every stage of the process.

02 Market Research.png

Market / Consumer Research

Learn about the landscape of your market and the desires of your customers to help you differentiate and target your audience effectively.

06 Product Service Development.png

Product / Service Development

Connect with new customers and tap into unsaturated markets through new product or service development.

03 Branding.png


Stand out from competition and appeal to your target audience through a branding and messaging that speaks your audience’s language.

07 SOP Development.png

SOP Development

Document and format standard operating procedures to ensure your processes are carried out with consistency and excellence – every time.

04 UX Design.png

UX Design

Create positive touchpoints at every touchpoint a customer has with your brand – from start to finish.

08 Website Design.png

Website Design

Delight first time visitors and turn prospects into customers through conversion focused website design.


Industries We Serve

We focus on three primary industries offering unique, market-specific solutions to each.

  • Service

    We help service-based businesses of all shapes and sizes improve sales and scalability without blowing their budgets.

  • Healthcare

    We help healthcare businesses generate new patients with ease while creating genuine value through seamless patient experiences to retain them.

  • Retail

    We help retail businesses remain relevant to the needs of their customers, grow their consumer base without discounting prices, and stand out from the competition by delivering long-term value.

Client Testimonial

A story of a father-daughter duo and Alnico joining hands to rejuvenate Chien Chi Tow, a well-respected heritage Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) brand in Singapore, to appeal to the young consumer market.

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)


Up to 80% support level + 90% out of pocket cost

The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) helps Singapore companies grow and transform. This grant supports projects that help you upgrade your business, innovate or venture overseas. Projects under Innovation and Productivity support companies that explore new areas of growth, and look for ways to enhance efficiency or optimize resource usage to improve their sustainability performance.

As announced in Budget 2022, for the Food Services and Retail sectors, the support level will be up to 80% from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.

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