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Capitalize on articles in the newspapers

Another effective way of generating sales is to send out an email to your customers and prospects whenever an opportunity presents itself in the newspaper. From time to time, there will be topics on:

  • Retirement

  • Healthcare

  • Investments

  • Mortgage Insurance or any topics related to the plans you are selling.

By doing so, you will be riding on the legitimacy and credibility of the press. Your customers will be impressed by your diligence and timeliness and some of them will be convince to take action.

Here is an example of such an email:


Subject: Most people underestimate the amount of money needed for retirement

Dear [NAME],

How are you doing?

It was reported in [NAME OF NEWSPAPER] last week that 50% of people underestimate the monthly expenses needed for their retirement.

As I was reading the article, I wondered which category you fall under.

However, just in case you wish to be more certain, why not catch up for a brief review regarding your retirement plans.

Sometimes it could be one or two factors that we overlook that could undermine our retirement plans. If this is something you would like, please reply to this email and we can schedule a meeting.


[Your name]




P/S: If you would like to set up an email system that can send out thousands of personalised emails to your customers and friends with a few clicks, do check out my email service by clicking here.

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