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Recruitment Letter 1

A simple way of recruiting peak performing advisers is to simply ask them for an opportunity to chat. While most people appear contented with the occupation they are in, it has been reported that around 70% are unfulfilled and will make a switch if another career opportunity is presented to them.

By sending out an email or text to invite them for a chat, you will be creating opportunities for the next peak performing advisers to join your team.


Subject: Career opportunity for the chosen few

Dear [NAME],

How have you been? It has been a while since we last spoked over the phone.

In the midst of growing my agency, I am currently looking for suitably qualified

individuals to partner me in the next phase of agency expansion.

My agency is seeking an individual whose success in his/her present occupation is

being limited for reasons beyond his/her control or is exploring an alternative career


As an agency in a leading financial advisory firm in [COUNTRY], we have a wide range

of products and services available to help our clients maximize their savings and

achieve their financial objectives.

We only want the best of the best. People who can roll up their sleeves and get the job done and aspire to live an exceptional life. If you think that's you, then we want to hear from you!

If you would like to explore this business opportunity, do reply to this email indicating your interest and I would be most delighted to catch up with you over a cup of coffee to discuss it in further details.


[Your name]




P/S: If you would like to set up an email system that can send out thousands of personalised emails to promote your agency with a few clicks, do check out my email service by clicking here.

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