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Email to a Referral

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Upon receiving referrals from your personal contacts or from your advisers, a simple and direct way to follow up with the referral is to invite them for a career discussion.

Keep the tone friendly and position it as an opportunity to explore another viable career.


Subject: Introduction to a career opportunity

Dear [NAME],

In a recent conversation with (John, nominator’s name) regarding the expansion of our organization, your name came up as the type of person for whom the opportunity might be relevant.

We're looking for people like you—people who are driven, self-directed, and eager to be part of a winning team. Our innovative sales system is designed to help you succeed in your life and career, and it's something that I think could be an excellent fit for you.

While John did not indicate you were in the market for a new career, he did feel you might be interested in learning about our selection process and the career coaching we do to help people decide if the career would be a good opportunity for them.

If you are open to consider this opportunity, please reply to this email and we can catch up for chat. Alternatively, you can visit [WEBSITE] to find out more.

Hope to catch up with you soon!


[Your name]




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