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Thank You for Appointment

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

It is important to keep track of the discussions during the meeting with the customer. Upon the completion of a meeting, take a few minutes to summarize the key points discussed and drop the customer a message the next day outlining the points. This will keep the discussions on track and avoid re-discussing topics that were already discussed.


Subject: Appointment confirmation on [DATE]

Dear [NAME],

Thanks for taking the time on [DATE] for the meeting.

I am aware of your busy schedule, and consider the time you spent with me an honour and a privilege.

As discussed, I work with the top financial institution in Singapore and seek to procure the most suitable plans to achieve your personal and business financial objectives.

Assuring that my clients’ financial plans are effectively addressed is a responsibility I take very seriously.

During our discussion, you indicated that you would like to look into:

  1. Children Education Plan

  2. Retirement Plan

  3. Savings Plan

In order for me to prepare the proposals that are relevant to your objectives, I will need to gather some information from you. I will prepare the questions in the following email and send it over.

Thereafter, I will prepare the relevant financial plans for me to present to you during our next meeting.

Take care and stay safe!


[Your name]




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